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Shareable Infographic: Summer Heat Safety

Shareable Infographic: Summer Heat Safety

With any luck, the air will be warm, the days will be long, and the stress will be low.

Pet owners will likely be looking forward to taking their pets, especially dogs, with them wherever they go. From more walks outside to playdates at the dog park, dogs must love summertime as much as humans do! For all pets, however, the heat can be a real problem. It’s a good idea to remind pet owners to test the concrete before walking their dogs, provide plenty of fresh, cool water at home, check for any signs of overheating, and keep pets at home if they aren’t sure how long they would need to sit in a car.

Feel free to share this infographic on your social channels to show pet owners the dangers of a hot car. Simply save to your computer and share on the social channel of your choice!

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