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How to Live Your Life to the Fullest with Your Pet

How to Live Your Life to the Fullest with Your Pet

In honor of “National Garfield Day,” we wanted to take the time to celebrate the lifestyle of our favorite feline friend. The loveable kitty-cat definitely has a knack for wit, humor, and high-jinx. Here are four tips to live your life to the fullest inspired by the famous orange tabby. After all – you only live once- and you should live life to the fullest with your favorite four-legged companion.


Living your best life with your furry pet

Take the Cat Nap.

Our life is busy. Take the time to take that cat nap. Take a power nap during your lunch break. If you’re anything like your kitty at home … Just try sleeping all day on your day off. You will be well-rested.

Get your food delivered.

Want your food in an instant? Don’t want to cook a meal? Get your dinner delivered! With the rise of tech and the world of uber … your food can be delivered… right to your doorstep in just a matter of minutes. Even better- you can order extra food (a different genre of food! – lasagna maybe) and have seconds all to yourself. You can even get the kitten’s food delivered! Meow!

Hang with friends and tell a joke.

Take the time to enjoy your life. Be social, tell a joke (or two), be silly, sarcastic, try singing in public and don’t take yourself too seriously. I mean, seriousness is over-rated, right? You already have a BFF for life with your animal companion, I’m sure your sweet cat will love hearing your new stand-up routine.


It’s okay to dislike Mondays.

Monday. The first day of the week. We all understand. The weekend was fun and amazing, and now it’s back to work. Take the time to embrace your disdain and loathe of the dreaded Monday. Once you get through Monday, you are then on to Tuesday, which makes you closer to the Wednesday, then you’re practically at the weekend again. Congrats you made it! That is wonderful and now you can spend more time with your pet.

Well there you have it. We have taken the time to take a nap, eat some great food, hang with friends, and embrace the ever loath able Monday. Thank you for the laughs and memories “Garfield” and have a very Happy Birthday! One of our favorite orange tabby’s – Sunny the Beast –  is giving us her best YOLO inspired photo-shoot below.




Show us in the comments how you and your purrrfect pet celebrate National Garfield Day!